Media Training enables you to speak to wide audiences about things that matter in meaningful ways


My method of coaching — Message Based Media Training — helps you unearth the core of your message and uses instant feedback to refine your onscreen delivery.

My Techniques:

  • frame your message to be succinct, compelling and natural sounding
  • prepare you for broadcast or print interviews, plus live appearances, including press conferences
  • make you quotable
  • equip you to rebut challenges
  • are informed by my ability to quickly “diagnose” your issues and offer you proven strategies for overcoming roadblocks.

It’s Your Interview: Control The Message!

Experienced communicators know that talking to the media requires preparation and practice. I equip you with state-of-the art techniques to ensure that your message is heard loud and clear. I’ve successfully trained celebrities, CEOs, business leaders, authors, neuroscientists, academics, doctors, chefs, PR professionals and journalists to use the media to their benefit and to present in public.


Media Training

Why Do Media Training?

Now that you’ve seen the “10 Commandments” you may think you are ready to face the cameras. Not quite! Coaching is the key to quickly identifying your issues and accelerating the process of correcting them forever.

Equally important: Delivering your message in a succinct and vibrant way is more important than how you sit or what you wear (though posture and appearance do matter). That’s why I spend significant time helping you to design your ideas to be sticky. I listen carefully to your story and identify the most engaging anecdotes, metaphors and narratives. Together, we craft them to be:

Simple and Stripped Down

The most powerful message is a one-sentence thought so profound that someone could spend a lifetime pondering it.


Can you remember the last mission statement you read? Was it vague and littered with jargon or was it rich with vivid images? In other words, “Do you want to be a leader in the space industry through team-centered innovation and strategic aerospace initiatives?” Or, “Do you want to put a man on the moon?”


We are geared to feel things for others. The best communication makes people care about your ideas, and if possible, feel something.


Stories make difficult topics approachable. Plus, people remember a good tale well told.


You want to grab people’s attention? Surprise them with something they’re not prepared for.


What will keep your audience thinking long after they’ve heard you? If you don’t know the answer before your session, you will afterwards.


Focused. Interactive. Confidential.

Some media trainers lecture clients, spending hours pointing out their faults and hammering them with rules. I never found those techniques to be effective and I don’t use them. Needless to say, your complete confidentiality is assured.

In two hours you’ll be:

  • in control of your message and able to express it colorfully
  • equipped with memorable quotes
  • armed with engaging stories
  • confident about speaking in all public arenas.


Media Training

After years of being bludgeoned by media trainers who made me more anxious than less in front of the camera, I developed my own highly effective techniques. As you’ll see from my website,, they are based around creating clear, succinct and colorful messages and giving people tools to overcome roadblocks and navigate difficult questions. I’ve successfully trained CEOs, prize-winning authors, neuroscientists, directors of non-profits, and entrepreneurs to eliminate jargon, refine their narratives and work on issues ranging from speaking too quickly, to learning how to tell stories, to enlivening their quotes so that they’re good enough to appear on air or in print.

Presenting With Power

In today’s overly-conferenced, pitch-centric business environment it’s crucial to make presentations as compelling and yes, entertaining, as possible. Too often great ideas are lost in weak presentations where the message is muddy, the delivery is flat and the presenter is not in command of his material. Together we’ll create a punchy script and a complementary 10-slide deck, if necessary. We’ll revise it until it is tight, exciting and persuasive. Presenters are coached, rehearsed and dress rehearsed before a final critique, which is also taped.

Communication Alignment Workshops

This is an excellent method of getting teams in sync. Often people running companies spend so much time in the trenches that they rarely speak to each other about what their business is, how it is changing, and how to best express it to the world. The result? Mixed messages, inefficient communication, and lost opportunities. These interactive workshops align outbound communication, but they also create fresh, new narratives and have a resounding effect on morale and team building.


"Brooke Hammerling recommends Dolce, a communications expert Brew PR has been working with. As the editor of big titles like Details, and as a public relations executive, he’s been on both sides of interviews and knows what effective answers look like." - First Round

"I cannot say enough good things about Joe’s positive but focused media feedback. He’s calm and patient but quickly cuts through the noise to help you feel more confident and relaxed under the glaring TV lights."


Deb Perelman, author, The Smitten Kitchen

"I can tell you that I appreciate working with someone who actually understands the value & the purpose of what we're trying to build."


Adam Nash, CEO,

"Joe's media training is unlike any I've experienced in 20 years of public speaking. He has a refreshingly firm yet warm approach that challenged me as if I were in a live interview. His positive feedback was genuine and criticism is presented with guidance for quick improvement. Absolutely the best I've seen. I highly recommend him for media and public speaking prep for both seasoned speakers and newcomers."


Amanda D'Acierno, SVP, Publisher, Random House

"As one of the founders and CEO of Quantcast, it can be difficult to filter all of the complex technical details and distill down to the most salient messages. Joe helped me bring these out and encouraged me to provide context to support them. Our conversation also sparked several ideas on the communications front that we will be using in the future. These sessions were extremely useful and I¹ll be using the lessons when speaking to media, my team and other important audiences."

Konrad 75

Konrad Feldman, CEO & Founder, Quantcast

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"Joe was tremendously helpful to me as a media trainer in advance of the bigger PR hits for my "Social Q's" book - especially NPR's "Fresh Air." Maybe it's his years of being a journalist and editor, but he helped me predict where TV and radio interviewers would want to go - which helped me pull together fresh answers that worked well."


Philip Galanes, New York Times "Social Q's" columnist

"Joe did a splendid job of assisting me to make the complicated business of neuroscience appealing to a more mainstream audience. I enjoyed the intelligence and wit he brought to this endeavor and I recommend him highly."


Antonio Damasio, author of Descartes Error, The Feeling of What Happens, Self Comes To Mind; Director of the Brain and Creativity Institute, USC

“When I did my TED talk or when I speak in public, I rely on Joe. Coaching with him enables me to boil down my thoughts, punch up my delivery, and unearth the unexpected. Joe helps me surprise myself."


David Binder, Broadway Producer, De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta, 33 Variations, A Raisin In The Sun

"In my experience, most media training makes you feel more self-conscious and stiff in front of the camera, not less. Joe's warm but incisive approach zeroes and teases out your strengths, allowing less desirable tendencies to fall by the wayside naturally and bringing forth a natural confidence in front of the camera. I recommend him unreservedly."


Adina Steiman, Food and Nutrition Editor, Men's Health

"The session with you was great and it was a real help! The taping went very smoothly and producers were thrilled with my performance. I am so glad you drilled me and worked with me to feel comfortable going off script because there was a lot of that."


Margot Gilman, Executive Editor, Prevention magazine

"I dreaded appearing on television like the plague. Yet after just an hour with Joe my confidence grew exponentially. When the day finally arrived I was still a mess but I used Joe’s insightful words like a mantra, and had his (deep) voice in my head the whole time. It really did the trick and I am indebted."


Greg Emmanuel, Articles Editor, Details magazine


Joe Dolce - 25 years of high level media experience

My career has been based upon transformation and communication. I came to Details as it was shifting from a chronicle of the NYC club scene into the world’s first magazine for young men. I was a key player as Senior Editor and then as editor-in-chief. Under my leadership Details won two National Magazine Award nominations. I went on to co-found the first web-based fashion news service,, and after that, was handpicked by the editorial director of American Media, Bonnie Fuller, to transform Star from supermarket tabloid into a glossy magazine as editor-in-chief.

As a journalist I’ve written for dozens of national magazines and interviewed leaders in business, media, the arts and sciences – Hugh Hefner, Barry Diller, Dr. Andrew Weil, Julia Child, Dr. Antonio Damasio, to name but a few. This enables me to predict with uncanny reliability the questions you’ll encounter when facing the camera. It also makes me an acute listener and able to give you tools to handle any line of questioning.

I have also worked on the other side of the fence, doing Public Relations and constructing effective campaigns for technology companies, health professionals, media companies, architecture firms, celebrities, scientists, authors, and non-profits. I know that reporters are rarely concerned with how their stories will affect you, your organization or your business. This is why the more you can control your interview the better the chances that your message will be heard.

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